Madden NFL 21 Franchise Changes Coming in Mid-January


In the Re-sign Players week, there will now be a To-Do item that will take you directly to the Transactions screen ordered for retired players to provide a quicker look at who is riding towards sunset.

Improvements to staff logic

New CPU draft logic guidelines to assist teams in deciding whether or not they should have an interest in drafting a first round of QB. Take on teams that draft two first-round QBs in consecutive years, along with other considerations about the context of the QB roster, a more authentic window to develop before a replacement is considered drafted. Then you need to buy MUT 21 coins strengthen your team. 

Commissioner Controls: Undo FA Signings – Offseason Only

Commissioners can cancel FA purchases in the off-season directly through the transaction log. Just click on a signature and restore it to send the player back to the free agent pool.

Commissioner commands: Team replacement settings

Giving league commissioners the ability to turn on/off or allow users to maintain individual contrast settings for Heat Seeker, Ball Hawk, and Switch assist: one of the requests of our most requested commissioners, this creates a way to level the playing field regarding service features.

Commissioner Draft Tools

Giving commissioners the ability to assign autopilot during the project, along with pause/resume functionality. This has been one of the community's main demands for several years.

Commissioner's House Rules: Limits on fatigue and repetition of reproduction

After these settings made their debut last year in MUT Coins and Superstar KO, house rules have become one of the most requested features by franchise players and we are incredibly excited to bring them to you. Take control as Commissioner and determine how many times a play can be called in a game and how long a player has to wait before recalling the same play.

The Next Generation of Madden NFL 21 will be available on December 4.

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