Madden NFL 21 Commands and Controls Guide

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Like every Football game, several different commands must be learned, attack, defend, control players. Madden 21 is no different in this respect. Let's go for some basic gameplay tips in each mode, so the beginner doesn't get so lost. The commands will be explained for MUT 21 Coins for Xbox One, which serves both the console and the PC using joystick.


The whole move, whether attack and defense, begins with the choice of how the move will be made. For attacks we have 3 style options: pass, race and trick play (trick the opponent).


When you choose the pass tactic, the screen changes to the start position of the move. Pressing LT the camera expands and displays the routes and commands of that move applied to the playing field. Very good to visualize the force according to the opponent's defense.

After starting the move, each recipient will have the referring button to receive the pass, so the pass will be made at chest height. It is possible to give a lower pass to avoid being intercepted by the opponent holding LT before pressing the pass button. Remember to buy Madden 21 Coins with top rated players. 

Similarly, to escape an appointment at the time of receiving the pass, LB is held before pressing the corresponding pass button. The receiver will jump to catch the ball, but it will depend on his ability to keep it safe.


After the run, the teams position themselves, similar to the pass, it is possible to observe the route that the halfback player (HB) will take carrying the ball. Starting the play, the ball is given to the HB that must advance through the defense's "holes" as far as possible.

  • Running: pressing RT with possession;
  • Protect the ball: Press the RB.

When we see an opponent coming to take us down:

  • Dive: press X;
  • Rotate to escape contact: press B;
  • Stretch your arm to keep your opponent's distance: press The
  • Lower your head and go against the opponent to knock him down: move the analog right towards the opponent.

There are many other commands, but the player picks up with practice, is more advanced and give a wide competitiveness.


The defense is basically in knocking down the opponent with the ball or trying to intercept the pass. The computer assists in these movements, mainly to intercept passes, but being executed manually need a lot of training, the rookies can worry simply about knocking down the opponent who has the ball.

  • Player switching: Pressing B will switch controlled players;
  • Conservative overthrow: press The next opponent with the ball;
  • Dive Tipped: Pressing X next to the opposing player, is a strong knock that can make the opponent drop the ball and create a fumble, but if you miss makes room for the race to turn touchdown;
  • Varied tips: use the right analog in the direction of the opponent, most used for being simple.
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