One Reddit user made ACNH Balloon-Shaped Earrings

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A reddit social network user has created Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed earrings depicting balloons in the game. Let's discover the details together!

Among the most iconic items of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we definitely find the balloons with gift, which we often see fluttering in the air, above our heads. To burst them just use a slingshot, so that we can later take the surprise.

A few days ago, on the Reddit social network group r/AnimalCrossing, user u/IzzetJustFantasy posted some photos depicting homemade earrings in the shape of the famous balloons present in-game.

For those interested, the earrings can be purchased on the Etsy website for £10 a pair, or just over €11; you can also buy spare parts from the balloon-shaped part for £2 per couple.

On the user's Etsy profile we find numerous other creations, many of them always animal crossing: New Horizons themed, so we highly recommend you to check it out!

And what do you think? Are you going to buy these adorable earrings? Let us know with a comment below or on our Forum.

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