What Matters for Getting Contact Dunk in NBA 2K21

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How to cause dunks in 2K21 and how to get more dunks? Let's go through the key points of the contact dunk tutorial. Welcome to buy NBA 2K21 MT cheaply for the next gene at the lowest price.


1. Requirements for contact Dunk 

First, define the criteria for any dunk touch. There are four different packages: Pro contact dunks, Elite contact dunks, Tiny contact dunks and Bigman contact dunks. There are four different packages. To get these touch dunks, you need a minimum driving dunk or dunk. Small Contact Dunks and Big Contact Dunks criteria even depend on your position. 

Pro Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 84+

Elite Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 85+

Small Contact Dunks (PG, SG, SF): Driving Dunk 85+

Big Contact Dunks (PF, C): Driving Dunk 50+, Standing Dunk 75+


2. Purchase Kit contact Dunk 

You can unlock it if you meet the criteria for a certain touch dunk. For example, you can buy the Small Contact Dunks kit from the Animation Store while you are a point guard and also have a driving dunk higher than 85. Pick at least one of these dunk touch sets. 


3. Apply to my animations 

When you have purchased the dunks, go to My Animations and use these dunks in the DUNKS AND LAYUPS page. 


4. Get the best badges for contact Dunk 

Touch dunks include badges as one of the most important things. What are the best finishing insignia for touch dunks? The two main badges you need are the Contact Finisher and the Relentless Finisher which give you more contact details directly. When you equip Touch Finisher and a slasher, you can get more contact in your layup and more contact dunks, you are advised to have them at Hall of Fame. Relentless Finisher helps you to do more dunks by using less energy so that you can get a good end on the border without wasteing so much energy. You don't have to have it on HOF, but the better the higher you can put these two badges. You can also select Slithery Finisher for other badges to get more dark animations. You don't have to have it in HOF, silver or gold, but the more you have, the better animation you get. These badges are pretty good for completion. If you want to make more dunks, you can equip some playmaking badges like Fast First Move that help you get more explosive from three threats and it almost boosts your pace on the rim. Get it on bronze at least. Please put it on Easy First Move if you only have one playing badge. Another perfect badge for playing is Handles for days, which can be on gold, which will help you save energy while dribbling. 


5. Tips for more contact information 

- One tip that helps get more contact dunks is baseline drives to the rim while the defender is in the painted field, which is a good chance to just push the rim away and go to a dark spot. 

- You need to be nowhere outside, nowhere above the free-throw line as you take off. The painting is called the dead field, particularly for posterisation, if you are not above the throw line and in the square box in the rectangle that is known as the paint, it is a simple darkness. The lower the player is, the easier it is to dunk. 

- If you're going to go to a touch dunk, you need momentum. Speed boosts every time you get the speed, almost every time you go straight to someone a touch dunk. Hop moves to get in touch with the dunks and dunks. 

- Early contact is an ideal way to get in touch with dunks. 

- When it comes to the angle, if you were a slasher you might already notice that you get up from the baseline wing, it's almost 90 or 95 percent of the time when you get a touch dunk. 



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